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​General Parent Information

​On this page parents/guardians will be listed on this page. It is not intended as an expansive list of all possible resources and information. If there are things that you cannot find please contact your class teacher for the information or resources you are seeking. They will be abe to assist. If not they will be able to pass your request onto the best staff member to help.

For any enrolment documents and forms (including annual school requirements/booklists) visit the Enrolling at Our School​ page.

School Closure Support Information

The Department of Education has developed a suite of curriculum resources for students to continue their learning while not being able to access an educational facility. Additional materials and websites have also been linked to that can support independent learning when at home. Please be aware that some departmental sites require login credentials such as school email address, username and passwords. Contact your child's class teacher if they do not know their school email, username or password.

Microsoft Office software (School email address required. May be asked for school username/ password)

All Queensland state school students can download multiple free copies of the latest Microsoft Office to their personal home computers and mobile devices.

Students will need to use their school email address to sign in. Students who don’t have a school login, school email account and password should contact their school's Managed Internet Service (MIS) administrator or class teacher. The administrator will help students activate their school login.

Microsoft Office 2016 is available for personal devices only, not devices owned by the department or part of a school network. 

Your Office subscription lasts for as long as you’re a Queensland state school student or school-based staff member.

For PC and Mac, visit the Office Portal, login using your school email address, click through to install and follow the onscreen process.

For tablets and smartphones, download from your app store and sign in with your school email address.

If you have trouble, please refer to the instructions on how to download and install Microsoft Office 2016 to your personal home computers:

Learning Place Resources (School username and password required)

Online Studios for each year level - Materials are available through the Department of Education Learning Place. Students are able to directly access resources from the links provided. Please note: Some materials will require specific software e.g. Microsoft Word. Please consider installing the free Microsoft Office software discussed above.

Mathercise independent Learning Materials - Mathsercise is a group of activities designed to support your students’ knowledge of the number facts, number computation and content that underpins their understanding of mathematics. It is a great list for each year level of independent learning resources that can be used to support learning at home across a range of Mathematics related topics for each year level.  

Maths Glossary – To confirm any mathematics terms you may be unsure about.​

Studyladder* (Studyladder username/ password required)

Studdy Ladder Login -  *Only some classes use Studdy Ladder. Studdyladder has a unique username and password. Class teachers will need to provide these details directly if students don't know them. Due to the license students will have unlimited access during normal school hours. Before and after school hours access is limited to 3 activities only.

External Websites Access (Open access. No school username/ password required)

ACARA Maths Glossary -  

ACARA English Glossary -  

NAPLAN Online practice - 

ABCYA (access the free educational activites/ sections only)

Interactive Sites for Education -

The Math Learning Center - (apps are available online or as installable apps across various platforms). Of particular use for exploring various mathematics concepts across year levels P-6 are the Fractions, Geoboard, Math Clock, Number Frames, Number Line, Number Pieces, Number Rack and Pattern Shapes.


Linked onto this page will be a growing (over time) list of apps and and even technologies that you may like to investigate for home use. There is no right or wrong way or technology that you just have to have. It's a matter of seeing what is available that suits the way you do things at home. This is NOT a list of 'must go out and buy now!' stuff. It is simply a list of ideas that might be of interest to help get your kids learning and creating in new ways.

The ideas below have or are being used in classes successfully with children to learn or create with. We hope these may be of help and assistance.

Last reviewed 07 March 2022
Last updated 07 March 2022