School wide Positive Behaviour Support

Maleny State School is committed to continually improving whole-school discipline in order to provide positive learning environments for all students.

School wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a whole-school framework which helps schools to create positive learning environments. This is achieved by developing proactive systems to define, teach, and support appropriate student behaviours. SWPBS was developed by leading educational experts in the United States where it is used in more than 18,000 schools. Many of the world's leading education systems have adopted SWPBS, including Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway and Denmark, with Finland commencing a SWPBS trial in 2013.

Since being introduced in Queensland in 2005, the SWPBS framework has helped more than 400 state schools develop successful whole school behaviour management systems.

Data shows that when SWPBS is implemented with integrity it helps reduce problem behaviour and increase academic performance. Principals have also reported decreases in referrals of students, allowing time saved to be invested into other areas of school business.

Through SWPBS, schools implement evidence-based approaches to managing student behaviour support issues at the local community level. With an emphasis on data-based decision-making, the framework is evaluated regularly and practices are adjusted to make sure the process is achieving effective results for schools.

School-wide Positive Behaviour Support is a 3-Tiered Approach to Prevention

  • Universal (Primary) prevention focuses on preventing the development of new cases of problem behaviours by focusing on all students and staff, across all settings.
  • Targeted (Secondary) prevention focuses on reducing the number of existing cases of problem behaviours by establishing efficient and rapid responses to problem behaviour.
  • Intensive (Tertiary) prevention focuses on reducing the intensity and / or complexity of existing cases of problem behaviour that are resistant to primary and secondary prevention efforts.

SWPBS at Maleny State School

School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) was successfully introduced at Maleny State School in 2006 and remains as our school’s philosophical approach of explicitly teaching students acceptable behaviour. Our SWPB committee includes parent and staff representation that meet regularly to review a variety of student and parent data to evaluate school systems and implement change.

Our strategy is grounded in the belief that the practices and behaviours of teachers and other staff at the school can, and do, influence student behaviours. The systems that constitute our strategy aim towards ensuring that staff practices include a range of approaches and are deliberately chosen in response to data collected from school opinion surveys, One School, Student Disciplinary Absences and data about the actual behaviours of students in the school.

This Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students for Maleny State School is the  means by which we detail particular strategies to promote appropriate behaviour as well as consequences for unacceptable behaviour. 

SWPBS Fortnightly Focus Teaching Sequence

The Teaching Sequence is an outline of the specific lesson focus that teachers must teach each week. It is an expectation that teachers will focus on using lesson plans and resources provided along with their own ideas to ensure all students gain success with each teaching point. Throughout the year fortnightly focuses will change depending on data collected (One School, Playground Folders, SWPBS team, Student Leaders, anecdotes in relation to student behaviour from staff, parents and students.

An example of the of our current Teaching Sequence can be accessed to see the areas of focus along with the 'BUZZ' words used to help the learning.
Last reviewed 04 December 2020
Last updated 04 December 2020