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Uniform Shop Opening Times for 2021

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Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd January 8:00am - 9:30am
Volunteers required please leave a message for Corinne at the office who is organising helpers for these days.

Remember all helpers are volunteers giving up their holiday time to assist families get organised for the start of the year thank you for showing them your appreciation.

Uniform Shop 

The Uniform Shop is managed by the P&C Association and relies on at least four (4) volunteers to run it, including a Uniform Shop coordinator. For any enquiries or if you are able to assist, please contact the P&C Association:

Uniform Shop Opening Hours: 

The Uniform Shop is open on Fridays between 8.30-9.00am. Additional times for busy periods (e.g. beginning of school year) will be advised through the Familygram newsletter.

Uniform Ordering and Payment Options: 

Uniform items can be purchase online with either the choice of physical collection or delivery to the student's classroom. EFTPOS and cash are accepted at the Uniform shop during the opening times at 8:30am-9:ooam Fridays.


Garments must be unworn and returned to the Uniform Shop the next open day in original condition for an exchange to be possible. No refunds unless goods are faulty.

Please try our sample shirts for correct sizing to avoid returns. Sample polo shirts and hats are also available to try on in the office.
Please enquire at the school Uniform Shop regarding the donation of second-hand uniforms.​

Dress Code: 

Please beware of the Uniform Dress Code, particularly Sunsafe policy affecting the type of hat worn and Health and Safety policy affecting the type of foot wear worn.


This policy outlines appropriate dress standards for students which reflect community standards and expectations and enables every student to participate in school activities.
The policy incorporates the recommendations and requirements of relevant health and safety policies.  It takes into account relevant legislation and Government guidelines.

The policy reflects the principles of:

  • Access and participation
  • Equity
  • Comfort
  • Health & Safety
  • Responsiveness and sensitivity
  • Upholding community expectations
Reasonable dress is clothing which is acceptable to our school community, maximises student participation, promotes sun safety and the good image of our school.

Inappropriate dress refers to clothing or apparel that the student wears which is, or could be deemed to:

  • Be offensive
  • Negatively influence, the normal operation of the school
  • Inhibit personal access to school activities
  • Result in a risk to the health of the student or others.

This school expects children to wear the school uniform.  Wearing of school uniform promotes a positive image of our school within the community.


This policy was drafted by a working party including the Deputy Principal, Principal, staff and parents during August 2000.
School Policy
Parents are advised that

Uniform Shirt is designed to be worn out – (not tucked into shorts)

Shorts must be worn above the knee
Maleny State School is a “Uniform School” where students are expected to wear the uniform.  Clothing that is “likely to negatively influence the normal operation of the school” is not permitted.
To represent the school on excursions, interschool sport etc. all students are expected to wear the appropriate Maleny State School uniform.
Students not wearing the correct uniform are required to bring an explanatory letter from their parents.
Students wearing inappropriate clothing or apparel will be asked to dress appropriately.
Students not wearing school uniform will be ineligible to represent the school away from the campus or at special school events on campus.
The wide brimmed school hat is to be worn for all outdoor activities.  The minimum width of the hat’s brim is 7cm.
Non-wearing of a hat is “likely to result in a risk to the health of the student”
Maleny State School follows the Sun-Safe guidelines of the Queensland Cancer Society.
A student not wearing a wide brimmed hat will be excluded from all outdoor activities.  Parents/carers will be notified if a student is persistently not wearing a hat.

Shoes and socks

Students are to wear black enclosed sports shoes and socks at all times unless directed otherwise by the teacher for a specific activity.
Non-wearing of shoes and socks is “unsafe for the student or others”.
A student will be asked to replace his/her shoes and will be excluded from all outdoor activities until suitably attired.  Parents/carers will be notified that the student is not appropriately dressed.


The following items are permitted to be worn –
  • Earrings – small plain studs or sleepers
  • Necklaces – only for religious purposes bearing a significant religious symbol
  • Medical alert bracelet
  • Watch
  • Flat signet ring (no protruding stones or metal)
Other jewellery items may be “unsafe for the student or others”, as they can be caught in play equipment or come into contact with another student causing injury.
A student wearing other jewellery will be asked to remove the item and if necessary take it to the office for safe-keeping for the remainder of the day.  Parents / carers will be notified if a student is persistently wearing jewellery not suitable for school wear.
Students will need to follow directions from teachers in regards to the wearing of jewellery when participation in sports.


By law, all students riding bicycles school must wear suitable helmets with straps firmly secured.
Non-wearing of helmets is against the law and is “unsafe for the student or others”.
Students not wearing a helmet will place their own personal safety in jeopardy.
Last reviewed 19 January 2021
Last updated 24 June 2021