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Maleny State School's Student Portal (student username and password required) is now live. This portal has been designed for students to be able to learn from home during the current COVID-19 situation.

Children that need to learn from home, if they have access to a suitable device and the internet will be able to gain access to a range of curriculum materials and resources to support their learning.

Additionally, on the site is a page Advice to parents/ carers about learning at home (student school username and password required) that has a range of information and advice on learning at home, types of support and who can help you as well as information on they types of resources that are available for the students at home.

Sign In and Use Tips: 

Below are some tips and information that will assist you in access the student portal.

  • School Student Credentials - Make sure you have handy the child/ren’s school credentials (i.e. child’s school email address, child’s username and password). 
  • What Online Systems Need – School systems will need various school credentials. The systems will prompt for which details they need provided. Read the prompts carefully. If needing email address use the student school email address e.g. . If it asks for Username (or MISID) use school username e.g. abody1. Passwords are the same password for all systems (except Studyladder). Studyladder access has be provided separately to classes that use them. These are unique to all students.
  • Passwords - Passwords are case sensitive meaning that the letters must match correctly e.g. In the password Wednesday.88 a capital MUST be used when typing the W but all others letters must be lower case. Students will often make the mistake of turning on Caps Lock making all letters capitals. This will throw up an incorrect password warning. Check that passwords match exactly. 
  • Student Portal Link - The link to the Student Portal is in the instructions on the next page. Add this site when it loads to your favourites / bookmarks for faster access the next time. Teach children where to find this favourite / bookmark and how to open it to access the site. •
  • Class Notebooks – Each year level page has a link to a class notebook where teacher student communication and activities are located. To access the class notebook on year level pages please ensure that the student wanting access, is the one who signed into the portal. For example when the student ‘Jane Smith’ wants to access her ‘2020 4D Class Notebook’ she must be the one who signs in using her username and password into the Student Portal. This will then allow a direct connection to her class notebook. If her younger brother in year 1 is signed in and Jane tries to get into her Year 4 notebook, she will get an Access denied message. Have the student sign out (see image) and open the Student Portal link again to Sign In using her credentials. 

Learning from home options

Below is a message from Mr John Byrne about learning from home and the options you have that may suit you best.


Maleny State School is here to support you. If you have any questions please contact your class teacher or the school for assistance as we work together to navigate these challenging times.

Take care. Stay safe everyone!

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Last reviewed 02 April 2020
Last updated 02 April 2020