Excursion to Recycling Centre

Last week the Grade 2’s went on an excursion to Nambour Recycling Centre. We had a great time and learnt a lot of new information which has helped us to be ‘Super Recyclers’ in the classroom and at home. When we came back to school we wrote a recount of our excursion, you can read some of them below.
Yesterday I went on an excursion to Nambour Waste 2 Resource Centre. We travelled on a bus and I talked to my friend, Jared, and looked at Where’s Wally Books. Firstly,  when we got there we got told the rules and talked about the right and wrong bin for rubbish. Secondly we got told a story about someone who tried to put a car engine in the bin. Next we went outside and read K-zones while we ate lunch. After that we got into our groups and did recycling activities that were awesome. My favourite activity was the Smart Shopping because we got to scan our own food. Lastly we went for a drive to the landfill sight and saw heaps of Ibis and rubbish. Something I did not know before was plastic bags can’t go in the recycle bin and Ibis like rubbish. I had an amazing day.
By Joshua 2B
Yesterday 2A and 2B went to Nambour Recycling Centre at 9.00am and we got there around 9.45am. When we got there the lady got on and told us the rules. Then we got told how to be an amazing recycler. After we went out to have some lunch. Then we started to do activities. My favourite one was the Smart Shopping where we got to scan foods and look for foods with only a little bit of packaging and it was not just waste. I took a photo on the ipad.
By Ryan 2A
Yesterday my class went on an excursion to the Nambour Recycling Centre. Firstly we talked about recycling and waste, about the things that we put in the right bins. Next I went to eat with Wendy, Daisy, Dakota and Bailey. He was very funny trying to chuck Sponge Bob Square Pants in his mouth. Then we did some activities. My favourite were when we saw the cameras inside the MURF and when we saw all of the Ibis. It was a bit extreme that some Ibis like to eat rubbish. It was a good excursion and I learnt a couple of things.
By Lily-Rose 2A
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Last reviewed 09 December 2019
Last updated 09 December 2019