2015 Country Fair Success


​What a success our Country Fair was last Friday a huge thank you to everyone for attending and of course for volunteering in so many different ways to make this such a great night. Our P&C’s organisation of this event and leadership from our wonderful president Anita and Country Fair Sub Committee was exceptional and should not be underestimated, this event has been a long time in the making. All parents and staff that have worked so hard to ensure the night was a success be assured that your efforts are very much appreciated. The crowd attendance was great so Regan your publicity worked a treat and Mandy’s coordination around our class stalls and overall logistics helped things run smoothly. Our tuckshop helpers led by Gunnar and Kate simply didn’t stop all evening and to those that stayed until the end and helped pack up, or count money I could personally hug you all. Mr Sherwell our school’s officer is now a seasoned campaigner of this event and it is great that he can be relied on to be the last man standing ever year. We had over 100 varied forms of donations from generous parents and businesses and I would like to make special mention of our Fireworks sponsor Bakers Lawyers, certainly a highlight and a great way for the evening to conclude. Our APEX volunteers not only cooked burgers all evening but also organised and operated a successful licensed bar of which we greatly appreciated.

On reflection of previous year’s feedback a number of changes were introduced this year which I believe enhanced the experience for all. In particular merging the stalls down on to the oval to unify with the rides created more of a carnival atmosphere, (lights were great thanks Bill Clayton and Ross Hopper). Likewise showcasing our student’s talents,introducing live entertainment and providing hay bale seating proved popular. How talented are Maleny parents, Katie and Adam, Brett and Col! Thank you so much for volunteering your time and providing us with such wonderful entertainment.

Our MC Andy Buchanan from Maleny Landscaping Supplies kept the night rolling with the support of Scott Joosten and his audio equipment and fantastic DJ skills. Hopefully you were lucky enough to win a prize in our monster raffle that Vanessa once again this year was able to secure fantastic support for.

As our Country Fair is the schools major fundraiser of the year it is important that while providing a fun family event we still ensure it is profitable. This certainly looks to be the case at this stage. A full financial breakdown will be presented at out next P&C meeting in November when our hardworking treasurer Leah has had a chance to draw breath and finalise total costs and incomes. We would welcome all parents to attend our November meeting to provide constructive feedback on all areas of this year’s Country Fair so that we can continue to improve for next year’s event. I was absolutely thrilled to see so many passionate people working together to achieve the same goal that ultimately benefits our school.

There is always room for improvement and certainly we have highlighted the rides component as a major area for improvement in 2016. The quality of the rides certainly was not what we had planned or up to standard. Our P&C executive are currently taking this matter up with the company. We were very disappointed that the rides were not the most positive experience for all and will certainly review this in detail at our next P&C meeting. We welcome parents to attend this meeting to share their ideas.

Thank you once again to all parents especially those of you that put your own lives on hold in the lead up to this event and gave up the day on Friday to help set up. Be assured your efforts were very much appreciated.

John Byrne - Principal

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Last reviewed 09 December 2019
Last updated 09 December 2019