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Prep Reading and Writing

​Predicting by making 'Smart' guesses makes reading much easier.

All classes have been working on ‘Predicting’ as our reading learning goal.  As part of reading activities children have been looking at how they can use the clues on the front and back covers of books (pictures, titles and book blurbs) to work out what might happen in the story. Making these ‘Smart Guesses’ helps them to identify what might be going on in the text and in particular help them to work out possible unknown words in texts. Good readers keep making predictions and adjusting them all through their reading. During the week we did drawings of our predictions of what might be in the story before we read it.

The children also had some great fun in English exploring postcards as part of the book Meerkat Mail. The classes got out the green screen special effects toolkit  (ga reen sheet, a camera and Microsoft PowerPoint) and magically transported the children to the hot African Kalahari Desert to visit ‘Sunny’ and his family. The kids loved being in the picture with these lovable animals. They then wrote letters on the back to send home to their families.